Nick has made four recordings for Big Finish that are now available on CD.
He plays "Rocket" Smith in the audio adaptation of the 1965 stage play "The Curse of the Daleks";
Otto in "The Beast of Orlock" and PC Sharp and Karimov in "Brave New Town"
(both Dr Who adventures with Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith);
and Milfroid and Lachenel in Barnaby Edwards' adaptation
of "The Phantom of the Opera".
Nick's recording of the Ricky Gervais biography,
"The Story So Far" is available from
Sound Entertainment.
Sound Entertainment
Old News
London Transport Museum
Keep an ear open at the Museum,
which reopened in November 2007.
As well as providing various voices,
Nick has written, cast and directed
all the scripts for the new exhibits.
Daleks, Dr. Who & Phantom for Big Finish
Big Finish
Nick Wilton
The year started with the last two weeks
playing Widow Twankey in "Aladdin"
at Malvern for UK productions.
London Transport Museum
In May, watch out for Nick in The Omid Djalili Show and Eastenders (back as Mr Lister, the Market Inspector for 5 more episodes). Plus Mr Squeaky's back in Nuzzle and Scratch, repeated on CBeebies (Thursday May 7th at 4.30pm)
"Chimps" at Ipswich
Nick plays desperate salesman, Lawrence
in Simon Block's dark comedy.
When money’s tight, it’s a jungle out there...
Stevie and Mark have bought their first house together.
She’s a hard-working graphic designer; he’s the gifted dreamer she met at
art school, working on his masterpiece; a pictorial alphabet book for children.
They’re in love. Their first child is on the way.They couldn’t be stronger.
A is for Armadillo.
B is for Bunny…
And then the doorbell rings.
S is for Salesman.
If you don’t know the difference between what you need and what you want,
just don’t open the door.
Chimps was originally staged at Hampstead Theatre, London, in 1997.

“Undeniably gripping – fast, darkly funny and blessed with terrific dialogue” Daily Telegraph
“A savage cautionary tale” The Guardian
(Worcester Standard)
(Birmingham Post)
(The Stage)
Nick Wilton's sweetly dotty Widow Twankey...
...satisfyingly old school...
...kept the jokes coming thick and fast with his
Frankie Howerd style delivery.

In February Nick was thrilled to record "Impasse" for the BBC's Galton & Simpson Half hour with Mitchell & Webb, Clive Mantle and Helen Lederer (first time back together on radio since "In One Ear" in 1986) and Julie Peasgood (who was with Nick in "Dry Rot" back in 1988) It went out on BBC Radio 2 on 14th March as part of a series of four and will be released on CD later in the year.
Ad for the internet recorded April last year, which finally made it
online in December.
Fone Gloo
New Wolsey Theatre
Nick's review of drama students at Kent University on the stand-up comedy
course performing at The Horsebridge, Whitstable in February. (See page 24)
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